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In the heart of Europe, in the north-easter corner of Hungary there is kind of special region where, embraced by 3 rivers, the so-called ’’flood-plain jungle fruits” give people plenty of crops.

The ''Nemtudom'' (''I don't know") plum growing here has inimitable flavor, The soury ''gipsy sour- cherry" and the world famous Vilmos pear provide our local products with a specific character. Also, we can add to that a specific native product grown in the area which is the walnut of Milota, that appears in several products of ours.


Our philosophy is based on the idea of handicraft processing of exclusively high quality, fresh raw materials. Every single product of ours is rich in natural ingredients, fibres and antioxidants, with low calory-content. All that has earned worldwide popularity to our products.

We do not use any preservatives or artificial colorants and do not add any sugar.


The Panyolium would like to offer a world of tastes to customers keen on delicacies they surely have not met anywhere before.

Our aim is to provide our partners and our loved ones with a gift that is explicitely unique, aesthetic and has proven to be rare, even in our country.

To achieve that, we work from days an end.


All our work,with its operations like vintage, boiling, drying has our heart in it.

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