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By late autumn the steam from over the river Szamos and the sun ripe the seeds of plum. Before they fall from the trees, and after having tasted them to the very last moment, we gather them and carefully select them by hand. We de-seed them and put them onto braided willow branch trays and dry them in wooden furnaces in a day. The finished product is put then into paper hoses and sold. Their healing and positive effects on human health are well known. In the past this fruit used to be sold in pharmacies.


Our natural dryings don't contain any sulfur-dioxide added sugar or additives.


About 20 grams of prunes can be produced from 100 grams of raw plums.


Energia tartalom / 100g

1126 / 268 Kcal

Dried plums from Panyola - natural 1000g


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