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By late autumn the steam from over the river Szamos and the sun ripe the seeds of plum. We gather them and carefully select them by hand. We de-seed them and add walnut instead. Then put them onto braided willow branch trays and dry them in wooden furnaces in a day. Eventually we put them in jars, fill the jars up with acacia honey and sell them.


The product contains:


100 grams of Beszterce plums, filled with Milota walnuts, and 380 grams of acacia honey.


Energy / 50g

420 KJ / 165 Kcal
ORAC number: (walnuts) 7800 qmol TE/ 50g
ORAC number: (plum) 7295 qmol TE/ 50g

Dried Panyolai plum filled with Milota walnut in acacia honey 480g

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